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Grip Studios is a full-range game developer with over a decade of experience and 50+ games in our portfolio. We provide co-dev, QA, and other development services to some of the world’s top gaming companies.

We are also currently developing an unannounced, in-house game that pushes the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

10+ Years on the market
100+ People
2 Dev Sites
50+ Games Shipped
Years on the market
Dev sites
Games Shipped
  • Pillars

    Porting from PC to PlayStation 4, Xbox One including physical disc releases

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    Porting of DLC from PC to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita

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  • Conan: Exiles

    Improve technical status of the released title on Xbox One

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  • Visage

    Port to Xbox One and PlayStation 4

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  • Subnautica

    Porting from PC to Xbox One

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  • Mothergunship

    Complete software engineering of the game, including platforms compliance

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  • Solus

    Full software engineering, development, platforms - Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC

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We are an engineering-led company, specialising in UnrealEngine and complex technology tasks, such as multiplayer, AI, rendering, next-gen consoles, as well as features development, optimisations, and porting. There is not an engineering task too big or too complex for us.


The team is our most valuable product. From industry legends to the next generation of game- creators. Our modern and unique dev sites in Prague and Brno, combined with an asshole-free company culture, make Grip an excellent place to work & live. We are constantly growing and looking for the best people to join our team.

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